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Three Phase Multifunction Reference Standard Meter
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Product: Views:20Three Phase Multifunction Reference Standard Meter 
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Functions and Features 1. With cases of luxury sectional bar, A-series has a luxurious appearance. While with aluminum cases, B-series is portable, more smaller (it is the smallest one in domestic products of this kind. 355*145*185mm) , more lighter and easier to take. 2. Wide-range measuring: Voltage measuring range (phase voltage):1~560V Current measuring range: 10mA~120A 3. Measurement of various ways: It has ability to measure AC voltage , current , power (active power, reactive power, apparent power) and electric energy in four-quadrant with connection modes such as single-phase and four-wire three-phase Y/ three-wire Δ. In addition, it can measure reactive power and electric energy with ways of true reactive, cross-phase reactive power, artificial neutral point of reactive. 4. Multifunctional measurement: a. Fundamental function of measuring for voltage, current, phase, frequency, active power, reactive power, power factor and error. b. Measuring degree of stability of voltage, current and power. c. Measuring degree of asymmetry of voltage and current amplitude in three-phase circuits. d. Measuring degree of unbalancedness of voltage and current in three-phase circuits. e. Measuring degree of asymmetry of the phase. f. Display of vector diagram. There are a variety of display ways for vector diagram to meet the different display habits (such as clockwise rotation, counterclockwise rotation; the choice of the benchmark location between 12:00 o’clock and 3:00 o’clock; reference benchmark can be changeable; phase settings for display ways: 0~360°or±180°). g. Waveform display, harmonic analysis, distortion calculation. Display of frequency spectrum, it can display the amplitude, contents and phase of the harmonic. Frequency spectrum can be enlarged. h. Dem measurement. i. Measurement of space magnetic induction intensity. j. Measurements of voltage drop of the device’s dotted terminal. k. Measurement of the constant and frequency of the meter to be adjusted. l. Measurement of power of fundamental wave. m. It can adjust errors of three different kinds of meters (active power, reactive power, apparent power, voltage, and current). n. There are three ports for pulses to output. And its constants can be set automatically or manually. Types of constants can be set also: active power, reactive power, apparent power, voltage, and current. o. It can check the comprehensive error of device composed of three single-phase meters. p. It can be used as three single-phase standard meters. 5. Measurement of power for fundamental wave: not only could it measure the full power (including powers of fundamental wave and orders harmonics), but also the fundamental power only. 6. Adjustment of electric energy error: it can adjust the estimate value of standard deviation and computation error of electric energy meters as well as calibration device for energy meter. Moreover, counts of pulse and constants of meters to be checked can be set automatically so as to work effectively. Especially for the multi-constant standard meter and the energy meter calibration device, it will be more convenient. By adopting the use of special compensation techniques, error-beating would not be large because of the small load (the low frequency of the energy pulses). It can display the current error, the value of the standard deviation estimate and the average error. 7. Harmonic analysis: it can analyze the harmonics of voltage and current under 51 orders. 8. Display of data and graphics: it can display the measuring working condition and multiple measuring data directly. It can also display the waveform of the voltage and current to be measured, the phase vector graph of the voltage and current and waveform of harmonic analysis directly. 9. The measuring range can be switched manually or automatically. 10. With storage function, it can store 30 groups of data records which can be searched and browsed according to the condition. 11. With the function of Pinyin input method: Chinese Character, alphabet and symbol can be inputted. 12. Connection: the input port of the wide-range current is a public port, and there is no need to change connection mode while the current is changed, so it is very convenient to use. 13. Multi-use: it can be used as a standard-meter, also as a calibration device for energy meter. It can be used alone, with PC by remote communication, also with calibration device. 14. Multiple ports for communication: RS485, RS232, USB, and baud rate can be set when using asynchronous communication. 15. With 6.4(or 5.7)-inch 640*480 pixel TFT display, it shows clearly and colorfully. 16. Operation: human orient design, reasonable combination of the function and simple operating. Specification • Current measurement (Actual valid value RMS) Range: 0.2A,1A,5A,20A,100A, angle switch automatically Display range: 00000mA~120.000A Measurement error:distorted wave:±0.02%RD(10mA~120A) Fundamental:±0.02%RD(10mA~120A) 2~21 harmonic:±0.1%RD(10mA~120A) Measurement time base:1s~99s • Voltage measurement (Actual valid value RMS) Range:60V,120V,240V,480V range switch automatically Display range:0.00000V~576.000V Measurement error: distorted wave:±0.02%RD(40V~576V) Fundamental:±0.02%RD(40V~576V) 2~21 harmonic:±0.1%RD(40V~576V) Measurement time base:1s~99s • Power measurement Measurement error: Distorted wave active power:±0.02% RD(40V~576V,10mA~120A,PF≥0.5) Sine wave reactive power:±0.02% RD(40V~576V,10mA~120A,PF≥0.5) Sine wave apparent power:±0.02% RD(40V~576V,10mA~120A,PF≥0.5) Fundamental active power:±0.02%(40V~576V,10mA~120A,PF≥0.5) 2-21 harmonic active power:±0.02%(40V~576V,10mA~120A,PF≥0.5) Display range:6 digital display • Phase measurement(phase difference between each phase voltage and current) Measurement error:±0.01°(40V~576V,10mA~120A) Display range:0.000°~359.999° • Power factor measurement(each phase power factor and three phase power factor) Measurement error:±0.0002(40V~576V,10mA~120A) Display error:-1.00000 ~ 0 ~ +1.00000 • Frequency measurement Measurement range:40~70Hz; Measurement error:±0.005%RD Display error:40.0000Hz ~ 69.9990Hz • Harmonic content measurement Harmonic times:2…51( fundamental wave as 50Hz) Harmonic measurement error :±10%RD±0.1%(Rd as harmonic content reading) Distortion Measurement error :±10%RD±0.1%(Rd as distortion reading) • Energy measurement Measurement error: Distorted wave active energy:±0.02%(40V~576V,10mA~120A,PF≥0.5) Sine reactive energy:±0.02%(40V~576V,10mA~120A,PF≥0.5) Sine active energy:±0.02%(40V~576V,10mA~120A,PF≥0.5) Fundamental wave active energy:±0.02%(40V~576V,10mA~120A,PF≥0.5) 2-21 harmonic active energy:±0.1%(40V~576V,10mA~120A,PF≥0.5) Display error:(0.00…999999)Wh,varh,VAh • Energy error measurement Tested meter constant range:1~999999999999imp/kWh(kvarh,kVAh) Pulse no. set range:1~9999999 • Tested energy pulse input Pulse electric level:5…12V input Frequency:2MHz(max) Min. pulse width:250ns Min. pulse interval:250ns • Standard energy pulse output Pulse electric level:5V±5%,100mA Output frequency:Rated frequency60kHz (while voltage,current limit, power factor as 1) Max. frequency: 72kHz(While voltage limit,1.2 current limit,power factor as 1) • Standard deviation evaluated value Voltage, current , active/reactive power, active/reactive energy standard deviation evaluated value≤0.002% • Variation caused by influence quantity Measurement circuit voltage influence:≤0.004%(Power supply variation ±10%) Measurement circuit frequency influence:≤0.004%(Power supply variation ±10%) Auxiliary power supply voltage influence:≤0.002%(Power supply variation ±10%) Auxiliary power supply frequency influence:≤0.002%(Power supply variation±5%) Auxiliary power supply phase influence:≤0.002% Reverse phase influence:≤0.002% Current 3 times harmonic influence:≤0.004% AC external magnificent influence(1m,400 turns):≤0.01% • Temperature Temperature coefficient:≤0.0005% /℃ Self-heat influence:≤0.01% Pre-heat time:≤30min • 24h deviation:≤0.004% • Insulation resistance: The insulation between voltage,current input terminal and meter cover,power supply terminal and meter cover should not less than 100MΩ Industrial frequency withstand voltage: Between voltage,current input terminal & power supply terminal and meter cover should withstand 50Hz sine wave 2kV 1min test;Between voltage circuit and current circuit; difference phase of current circuit should withstand 600V test. • Ambient Rated temperature:23℃±2℃ Work temperature range:10℃~30℃ Max. work temperature range:0℃~40℃ Storage and transportation max. temperature range:-20℃~55℃ Relative humidity:≤85% • Others Auxiliary power supply: 220V±15%,50Hz/60Hz ±10% Power consumption: ≤30VA Cabinet: 355mm×185mm× 145 mm • Weigh: 7.5kg